About Us

Family Owned and Operated, The Flower Post brings a multitude of talent together through their combined passion for creativity and a love of flowers. Meet our team...

Jill, Owner/Designer- With over 30 years experience in the floral and wedding industry Jill is without question the heart of the business. Her love of flowers and passion for making people's vision a reality is what has driven her to devote almost every waking moment of her life to designing flowers. You will often find her late at night still making bouquets for upcoming weddings, refusing to go home until everything is perfect. She considers herself blessed because for her this is not a job, it is her dream, and it shows in everything she does.

Billy, Designer- With over 25 years in the floral industry, Billy grew up wanting to be a Fire Chief like his father, but after going to work for Gamp's Florist at the young age of 14 he quickly fell in love with everything about the business. Working his way up from processing flowers and sweeping floors he eventually learned how to design from some of the best the floral world has ever seen. His talent for design and his ability to turn someone's vision into reality is unmatched. He is an invaluable asset to The Flower Post.

Katelyn, Designer- With over 15 years of design experience Katelyn is a natural talent who started designing in high school and fell in love with everything about flowers. She went on to become a full time food stylist but can't seem to stay away and is at The Flower Post every chance she gets to help out during wedding season. While she is not family by blood, she has become such an integral part of the business that we consider her a full fledged member of our personal and Flower Post Family.

Sydney, Owner/Manager- 2nd generation florist, Sydney is Jill's daughter, and was born and raised in the floral industry.
You will see her constantly rearranging things, double checking orders and making sure that everyone goes home and sleeps every night. When you combine the right brain creativity of the design team and the left brain organization of Sydney it makes for a perfect blend.

Brianna, Florist In Training- The 3rd generation, Brianna is Sydney's daughter, and quite possibly the most talented of us all. She inherited just enough design talent from her "Gan" and a lot of her mom's organization that she really is the perfect fit to carry on the family business. At 15 she doesn't always love working, but she does love earning money! You will see her up at the register ringing people up, processing flowers, washing buckets and even making small arrangements.

Miley, Daisy and Callie, Greeters- Although it may seem silly to some to include these girls as part of our team the truth is if we are at the shop, then so are they. Miley is certainly the more social of the three and makes sure to greet everyone who walks through the door! More importantly they bring an extra source of joy for all of us who work at The Flower Post. When we've had a long hard day sometimes getting a quick hug from one of them is just enough to keep us going. They love company too, so please feel free to stop by and say hey anytime!
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